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Web Design in Fife

Complete Web Solutions provides a complete business solution for all your IT needs. At Complete Web Solutions we supply services from domain names, quality dns, web hosting, online backup, office 365 to web design development and deployment.  

Our servers have an uptime of approximately 99.9% per year. Our servers are not over populated like some cheaper hosting companies. 

Our aim is to provide a quality service producing and marketing our own web design creations inhouse. Such creations include online content management systems, ecommerce sites and database driven websites.

We offer the complete package to our customers.

The Main Office Number is (01592) 264019 – Mon – Frid 9:00 – 17:00 GMT Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Why Choose Us - "We have the solutions"

We are a Nominet Accredited Partner and have our own tag CWS-SCOT

We have our own four name servers in 4 different global locations with DDOS protection to protect your domain from a DDOS attack.

What is DDoS amplification attack?

These attacks usually use the UDP protocol. It is a simple connectionless communication model with a minimum of protocol mechanism. This means that one of the sides in the communication can send large amount to the other without restrictions. Without any confirmation and it doesn’t matter if the second side receive the data.

Due to the way the UDP protocol works, cyber-criminals use it to generate DDoS amplification attacks. The attacker sends a small UDP request with a spoofed IP address of the victim to public services.

The UDP protocol doesn’t require a connection verification between the parties. This is why the public services reply with the requested data to the IP address of the victim. As bigger is the data returned by exploited public service, bigger is the DDoS amplification factor.

In the past few years, hackers have exploited many public DNS resolvers and NTP servers to generate massive DDoS attacks against popular websites and services.

We have our own dedicated servers which you can add a backup service or any custom service within Plesk.

Compatible with all popular browsers
Unlimited re-issuance
24/7 expert support
30-day money back guarantee

Here are the step-by-step actions we take while monitoring our servers:

  • It asks for your websites headers and gets status codes like “200-ok”, “404-not found”,
    etc. every 1-5 minutes (or more depending on the monitor’s settings),
  • If the status code doesn’t indicate a problem, we are good
  • If the status code is~400+ and 500+, then the site is not loading
  • In order to make sure the site is down, CWS makes several more checks in the next 30 seconds,
  • If the site is still down, it sends an alert to ourselves.

Providing email service for you can be needlessly complicated – spam filter accuracy, false positives, malware infections, unresponsive support, and non-obvious decisions about what rulesets to use. We built CWS  Inbound Email Filtering to make this easy: a hosted email security service that protects your end users against unsolicited emails targeting your network and inboxes. It’s available to businesses of all sizes this carries an addtional charge.

Outbound Filtering is a cloud-based email sending service which identifies and blocks spammers to ensure reliable email delivery. With Outbound Filtering, you can eliminate email delivery problems caused by IP address blacklisting. You can also automatically shut down compromised end user accounts and scripts to improve your security. Unlike conventional email services, CWS is the only service that accepts all of your email, including spam.

Our team of designers have worked to provide cutting-edge responsive designs for nearly every niche market.

We are a Microsoft Partner and can offer any variations of Microsoft 365

We are an Avast Reseller. Stay focused on your endgame and leave your endpoint security to us. On-premise or cloud-based, we scale to your business — whatever its size, network, or devices.

We have our own dedicated backup servers with custom backup capacity for a yearly fee.

Need an IT Department but cannot justify hiring another member of staff. Thats why we offer IT support to a number of businesses within a 100 mile radius. Call us for a detailed conversation how we can help you!

Robust, reliable clocking systems and accessories for businesses of any size. Choose from biometric facial or fingerprint clocking, contactless RFID proximity, and traditional punch-card. All Clocking Systems include our intuitive Time and Attendance Software, along with UK based support.

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